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2014 PRSA Georgia Proposed Slate of Officers, Directors and Assembly Delegates Announced

Sunday, August 11, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Leslie Wagner
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2014 PRSA Georgia Proposed Slate of Officers, Directors and Assembly Delegates

The Nominating Committee is pleased to put forward the following slate for Chapter officers, Board members and Assembly delegates. Elections will be held at the October 10 luncheon which is the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Chapter.

President-Elect, to assume the office of President in 2015
Stephen Brown, APR

Alison Ilg

Elyse Hammett, APR

Directors (two-year term)
Debbie Fitzgerald
Karlie Lahm, APR
Lynn Medcalf

One-year term to fill the unexpired term of Elyse Hammett, APR
Judy Wicks, APR

Immediate Past President
Alicia Thompson, APR

Assembly Delegates (three-year term)
Julie Turner Davis
Cindi Kurczweski
Stephanie Stinn, APR
Alison Tyrer

Alternate Assembly Delegate (one-year term)
Bari Love

According to the Chapter bylaws, after completing the term of President-elect, that individual succeeds the President into office. Therefore, the role of President is not subject to vote at the Annual Meeting. Neil Hirsch, APR, will move into the role of President for 2014.

Directors continuing to serve their term are:
Jason Anthoine, APR

Mary Dugenske, APR

Elizabeth McMillan, APR

Kim Miller, APR

Kristen Obaranec, APR

Assembly Delegates continuing to serve their term are:
Mark Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA

Ellen Weaver Hartman, APR, Fellow PRSA

Karla Harvill, APR

Kent Landers, APR

Don Rountree

If members wish to offer additional nominations, our Chapter bylaws stipulate they must be members in good standing and provide by a petition signed by at least 10 members in good standing. No member shall be nominated without that member's permission and acceptance, to be verified by the Nominating Committee.

Thank you to the following Nominating Committee members for their participation in selecting these candidates.

Chair: Julie Turner Davis
Elyse Hammett, APR
Neil Hirsch, APR
Kent Landers, APR
Victoria McGhee, APR
Kristen Oberanec, APR
Jason Rollins, APR

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