Chapter Champion Award

PRSA Georgia's Chapter Champions

This award recognizes PRSA Georgia members who have gone the extra mile in service to the Chapter. The award is presented on a monthly basis, or as appropriate. Eligibility for the award includes all Georgia Chapter members who go above and beyond the call of duty as a Chapter volunteer.

A successful chapter runs on the talents of its volunteers. The Chapter Champion Award recognizes the hard work of our dedicated members. All PRSA Georgia Chapter members who go above and beyond as Chapter volunteers are eligible. The Chapter Champion Award is presented at the Chapter's monthly luncheon meeting. 


Keri Tomsic is the recipient of the September 2018 Chapter Champion Award for her dedicated volunteer work with PRSA Georgia.  She is co-chair of the Chapter’s Independent Counselors Special Interest Group.  In this role, she helps put together programming specific to the needs of the more than 100 Chapter Members who operate as independent consultants and small agency operators. Previously, Keri served as co-chair for the Membership Committee. During her term, Membership celebrated the chapter’s milestone 900th member. Keri has volunteered with the College Relations Committee helping to critique resumes at Real World and representing the chapter at UGA’s Grady College of Communications ADPR Connections event. She has also judged award entries for fellow chapters on behalf of our Chapter.

“It seems like decades ago when I moved to Georgia and found myself not just in a new state, but living in an entirely new region of the country,” she says. “Through PRSA Georgia, I soon learned Atlanta is, in fact, the biggest small town. It is true – you absolutely get out what you put in to PRSA. I boosted my membership by leaps and bounds when I became more active on committees in 2012. Growing my network of colleagues, contacts and friends has more than compensated for my volunteer hours spent in support of our professional community.”

Keri manages T Squared Communications focusing on strategic planning, media relations, influencer relations, content and digital marketing on behalf of consumer brands. Keri specializes in working with home and shelter, hospitality, and luxury products and manufacturers. Prior to founding T Squared Communications, Keri gained valuable experience at international communications agencies leading account teams on behalf of clients including Viking Range Corporation, Silestone by Cosentino, the National Kitchen and Bath Association and General Motors. Keri earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish at The Pennsylvania State University.


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Nomination Process

  • E-mail the following nomination information to Denise Grant at
    • Name of nominee
    • Company and title of nominee
    • E-mail and phone number
    • Reason for nomination
    • Nominator's name and contact information
  • Nomination deadline for each month's Chapter Champion is the Thursday following the current month's luncheon.
  • Award is presented on a monthly basis, or as appropriate, at the monthly luncheon meeting and featured in the following week's e-mail to members.
  • Note that current Chapter leaders are eligible with the caveat that the recognition is not based on activities as designated by their position.
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