Real World PR Conference
Real World: FAQs

1. What should I wear to Real World?
Professional business attire including:

  • Business suits
  • Business casual - nice pants and a button down shirt for men; nice skirt or dress pants and blouse for women

2. What does my registration include?

  • Continental breakfast and keynote speaker
  • Full catered lunch and keynote speaker
  • Career connection expo
  • Networking session
  • One-on-one resume critique
  • Three programming sessions
  • Registration materials
  • Preview networking the night before the conference

3. Is it appropriate to bring resumes with me?
Yes! Bring several copies of your resume with you, as there will be opportunities throughout the day, and especially at the career expo, to hand them out.

Be sure to bring an extra copy if you plan to participate in the resume critique session.

TIP:Have a friend or professor read over your resume to ensure it is free of typos and grammatical errors.

4. Is it appropriate to ask a professional forhis/her business card?
Absolutely! If you've chatted with a professional and you'd like to stay in touch, feel free to ask for his/her card.

TIP:Don't start a conversation by asking for a business card. At the end of a good discussion, thank them for their advice and ask if they would mind giving you their business card in case you have questions in the future.

5. What should I bring with me to Real World?
A notepad and pen to take notes during the sessions are recommended.

TIP:Leave your work portfolio at home unless you plan to participate in the portfolio session. The day does not allow time for professionals to view those items.

6. What networking opportunities will there be?
The conference will be filled with opportunities to network. You'll spend the day around public relations professionals at the breakfast and luncheon keynotes, breakout sessions, career fair and resume critique.

7. Who can I call or email if I have questions about Real World?

8. Who can attend Real World?

  • Students interested in pursuing a career in public relations
  • Professors or advisors for journalism, public relations or other communication programs


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