Real World: What To Expect

What to Expect at Real World PR


The purpose of Real World PR is to provide students with useful, timely information and advice from public relations professionals to complement lessons learned in the classroom and get a glimpse of the "real world" of PR.


You'll have the opportunity to attend a keynote address, interactive seminars, panel discussions, resume critique session, career expo and networking sessions. By the end of the day, you will have heard from and met some of Atlanta's finest public relations professionals and be one step ahead of your peers.


Here are some key stats from the 2016 Real World PR conference:

  • 180 students attended from all across the Southeast.
  • 91%of students said they would attend Real World again and would recommend the conference to someone else.
  • Networking luncheon attended by nearly 150 seasoned PR professionals from Fortune 500 companies, top PR agencies, and notable non-profits.
  • More than 30 PR professionals provided invaluable feedback to students about their resumes.

This year, we anticipate more than 200 public relations professionals to participate in the day, offering you a unique opportunity to meet and talk with representatives from Atlanta's largest corporations, nonprofit organizations and communications agencies.

Because many of the attendees are looking for internships or full-time employment when they attend Real World PR, we offer a career expo in the afternoon.

In 2016, 15 employers, representing a variety of companies and organizations, participated in the career expo giving students the opportunity to connect and network with these potential employers.

However, it is important to remember that the professionals at Real World are there to talk with you, offer advice and answer questions, not necessarily to offer a job. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to make valuable contacts and cultivate professional relationships in the process.

Here's what previous attendees have to say about Real World PR

"I had a great time! I not only made new friends and professional contacts but I also found out what I really need to be doing to start my career in this profession. I would recommend this conference to all public relations students."

--- Junior, Georgia Southern University

"Great speakers—very funny, interesting and knowledgeable. Everyone gave great advice, informative tips and great practical lessons. I am leaving this conference with a renewed sense of excitement for my future career as a public relations professional."

--- Senior, East Carolina University

"The whole day was a learning experience. From the opening panel to the career expo and resume critique, this day has opened my eyes to my future career path."

--- Sophomore, Georgia State University

"Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed this conference. It was exciting to interact with other individuals in my field. This event is one of the single most important steps that I have taken to better understand this diverse profession."

--- Senior, University of Louisiana

"As a senior, I enjoyed this conference because it helped to better prepare me for entering the job field. My only regret is that I did not attend as a junior or even as a sophomore."

--- Senior, University of Alabama

"What a tremendous experience! My contacts have grown tremendously within the course of eight hours thanks to the networking among students and professionals. I definitely feel that I got more than I paid for."

--- Junior, Georgia College and State University

"The entire day was an eye-opening experience. I never realized how much was out there! Great job and I would recommend this to anyone."

--- Senior, Loyola University

"As a senior very close to graduation, this event made me excited about my future as a public relations professional and provided me with some great tips for landing my first job."

--- Senior, Tennessee State University

"This conference was a great way to hear the ideas of other students and professionals. It has given me a realistic view of the public relations industry."

--- Junior, University of Georgia

"As a soon to be graduate, this was the best opportunity for me to network and find job opportunities."

--- Senior, University of Tennessee

"A great day well spent with many networking opportunities!"

--- Sophomore, University of Georgia

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